Precision Viticulture and Digital Terroirs

Investigations into the application of information technology in Australian vineyards

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I set up this site mainly to allow free and hopefully easy access to my doctoral thesis.  Previously this was available on The University of Sydney's Precision Agriculture Laboratory website (formerly the Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture) but has been lost in restructuring.  The thesis can be downloaded for free in one file or as individual chapters.  All I ask is that  appropriate acknowledgements are made if you are using this work.  Several chapters have been published as journal or conference articles (noted below) and I would prefer that these be referenced rather than the thesis.  However there are some differences between the two versions and of course there is work in the thesis that is unpublished elsewhere.  If you would like a copy of any of the other articles that are listed on my Publications page, please do not hesitate to ask me.

I have also added my HDR thesis from the University of Montpellier. Both are available on Researchgate too

James Taylor

(updated February, 2021)

hdr thesis

Towards Incorporating Within-Field Variation into Spatial Agronomic Decision Processes

Reference: Taylor, J.A. (2019)  Towards Incorporating Within-Field Variation into Spatial Agronomic Decision Processes. Habilitation á Diriger des Recherches (HDR) Thesis. The University of Montpellier

Doctoral Thesis files - sinle document

Thesis as a single pdf document (~8.8 Mb)

Reference: Taylor, J.A. (2004) Precision Viticulture and Digital Terroir: Investigations into the application of information technology in Australian vineyards. PhD Thesis. The University of Sydney.

Doctoral Thesis files - individual chapters


Table of contents


Chapter 1  -  General Introduction to Precision Viticulture

Chapter 2  -  Vineyard Site Selection

Chapter 3  -  New Technologies and Opportunities for Australian Viticulture   (see also: Tisseyre, B., Ojeda, H. and Taylor, J. (2007) New technologies and methodologies for site-specific viticulture. J. Int. Sci. Vigne Vin, 41(2), p63-76)

Chapter 4  -  How Variable is Vineyard Production?   (see also:  Taylor, J.A., Tisseyre, B., Bramley, R.G.V. and Reid, A. (2005) A comparison of the spatial variability of vineyard yield in European and Australian production systems. Precision Agriculture ’05. Proceedings of 5th ECPA, Uppsala, Sweden, June 8-11. J.V. Stafford (ed). Wageningen Academic Publishers)

Chapter 5  -  A protocol for mapping vineyard soil surveys   (see also:  Taylor, J.A. and Minasny, B. (2006) A protocol for converting qualitative point soil pit survey data into continuous soil property maps. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 44, p543-550 (doi:10.1071/SR06060 0004-9573/06/050543))

Chapter 6  -  Improving the accuracy and spatial resolution of vineyard soil maps using regression kriging

Chapter 6 - Appendix (Equations and maps)

Chapter 7  -  Predicting Digital Terroirs to aid Vineyard Design   (see also:  Taylor, J., Tisseyre, B. and Praat, J-P. (2005) Bottling Good Information: Mixing Tradition and Technology in vineyards. Frutic’ 05 Symposium, September 12-16, Montpellier France.)

Chapter 8  -  Development of a fuzzy logic model for the prediction of total” grape quality from multiple must attributes   (see also:  Taylor, J.A. McBratney, A.B., and Ciaverella, R. (2003) Predicting and mapping winegrape quality from multiple must properties.  In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Precision Agriculture, Jul 14-17, 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA )

Chapter 9  -  General Discussion and Future Work